How do I become an Umpire

Umpiring Netball can be very rewarding (and not just because you get paid). Without umpires, it would be difficult to play the game. Umpires are a unique group of people who are trained to ensure an equitable and fair contest for all players. Umpires can train towards theoretical and practical accreditations provided by Netball Australia.

How to become an umpire in four easy steps:

1. Must be a registered member of Netball NSW and know your Participation ID and password to the NetballNSW website.

2. Purchase a Rules of Netball Book from the online store at Netball NSW Netball NSW Online Store,.
Cost $18.00 plus postage, Also available from the IDNA Office at Berkeley.


3. Successfully complete the Rules of Netball Theory Examination, MyNetball Login, select Online Learning tab, select ENROL on Rules of Netball Theory Examination. Complete Exam, takes approximately 1 hour (70% is pass for beginners). Cost $10.48. Print off certificate.


 4. Successfully complete the Foundation Umpire Education Course online, MyNetball Login, select ENROL on Foundation Umpire Education Course (Cannot be done unless you have successfully completed the Rules of Netball Theory Examination, as above) - Will cost $40.00. Print off copy of certificate.


5. Contact CNC Umpires Co-Ordinator to forward copies of your certificates and be put on the umpires list.


For further reading, please read the Junior Umpiring Tips under the Umpiring menu item, 
visit the Australian Sports Commission Learning Portal: (free sign-up for free umpiring 'mini-courses') at

Corrimal Netball Club acknowledges the valuable contribution of its umpires. Training, mentoring and supervision is provided by the club for all umpires - Junior, through to Seniors.

If you are interested in umpiring for 2017 season, please contact CNC via email.