Cadet Information

Cadet Netball is graded competition games for 16 and 17 year olds. Teams in Cadet Netball may have a mix of ages, as teams are graded. Cadet games go for 4 x 15min quarters.

Cadet competition games are organised by Illawarra District Netball Association and are played on Saturday afternoons at either 1.30pm or 3.00pm. All games are played at Fred Finch Park Berkeley.

During 'Bye' rounds of the competition Cadet teams may have to do a Duty (or may lose competition points and/or be fined). Duties will be either umpiring duty (lower grades) or canteen duty. IDNA will allocate duties as they deem fit.

Corrimal Netball Club's uniform for Cadets is a shift dress that can be purchased from the Club.

Corrimal Netball Club does not have a set training day or afternoon. Training is usually held on a day that best suits the team coach.

Corrimal Netball Club endeavours to find a coach for every team, however all our coaches are volunteers who also lead busy lives. 
Coaches are not guaranteed for every team. CNC tries to prioritise its coaches for NetSetGO, Junior and Intermediate teams. Coaches are volunteers who generally have a netball background or an interest in sport, or are a parent who is willing to help out.  If you are able to or are interested in coaching, please let the Club know. There is lots of support and resources available for you.

Corrimal Netball Club grades its players from the age of 10 years to 18+ years. Each year in the pre-season the Club holds a number of grading days 
and help to create teams of similar ability

Where possible we keep friends together IF they request it, but ONLY if they are of similar ability. 

We do not pre-grade any player during the previous netball season. We DO use prior knowledge of the player to grade should she be unable to attend grading days.
 There are NO pre determined junior, intermediate, cadet or senior teams and  this is  why it  is important to attend grading days. 

Grading allows new members the opportunity to be in more highly ranked teams and allows existing members a chance to improve every year. For more information on the Club's grading process, please go to our Resource Library and download "A Parent's Guide to the Grading Process".

If you wish to join CNC and play Cadet Netball please refer back to our website on 1st January 2019 when our Registration links become active.